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About Me

Hi. I'm Adam, a professional copywriter and editor based in Toronto, ON.

My job is to write clear and direct messaging for businesses to engage, inform, and get conversations started. I've been responsible for managing CRM outbound campaigns, social media demand gen, PPC ads, fresh platform content, landing/webpage design, and UX/UI copy.

I also do much of my own image editing, HTML/CSS, design, video cutting and audio mastering.

[See my complete work and education history on LinkedIn]

Guiding Principles

  • People are reading more now than ever (even if it is in 280-character chunks).

  • But people are pickier about what they choose to read and why (decisions that are made almost instantly).

  • To beat the authenticity test: make a promise to the reader and deliver (small or big, doesn't matter).

  • And don't be everything to everyone. Know yourself, know your audience, speak to one person at a time.

My Background

Originally from Prince Edward Island, I earned a Bachelors in English from UPEI

in 2012 and a Bachelors of Journalism from the University of King's College in 2015. Moved to Vancouver, BC for close to two years working remotely for an SEO Agency and as a poker dealer on night shifts. I came back east to Toronto to settle down and be closer to family on the east coast.


Since then I've produced my own zines, published some short fiction, and

gained valuable experience in the B2B space. I've worked on all areas of digital marketing but would love to grow my experience and portfolio with an agency or other marketing firm.

ChatGPT Policy

ChatGPT and other Large Language Models (LLMs) can be useful tools when

used properly. But these are not real "AI" in the way people think about the term. It can cleverly string together text that appears very human-like, but there's nothing going on under the hood. It cannot abstract or cross-reference unrelated ideas and concepts, and is poor at coming up with content that will be fresh and interesting for human readers. Plus, there's a whole sea of murky copyright issues waiting for anyone who relies on it and is caught.

What ChatGPT and other similar LLMs can be useful for is generating alternates

- "give me 5 other ways to say this existing text that's friendlier" - or helping copywriters start with some basic building blocks instead of a blank page. If you need an outbound email for example, ask it to give you a basic version that meets your criteria, then completely edit and rework it from there, sparking new ideas and approaches for yourself along the way.

I've used ChatGPT and experimented with many kinds of prompt scenarios.

There is a lot of power to be unlocked, but it cannot be relied upon safely. It must always be met in the middle. It's a topic I'm interested in and one that will be impacting all content industries for years to come. I'm always open to discussing the pros and cons of a strategy that incorporates LLM tools.

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