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Adam St.Pierre

Hi. I'm a professional + creative writer and editor with work in digital marketing, journalism, and short fiction. I'm interested in new media, narrative structures, games, film, and everything related to space. On my own time I create litzines and cut-up collage, write scripts and stories, play games, hoard books, and bike around.

Jan. 2019 - Sep. 2019


  • Developed B2B outbound messaging for cold email and LinkedIn campaigns generating new leads for businesses. Drafted campaigns to discover message-market fit, fill the top of their sales funnel, and generate new revenue.

  • Wrote variable copy to personalize messaging to the position, business type, or industry of the recipient. Collaborated with a small copy team on daily stand-ups, swarm editing, and sharing best practices for outbound messaging.

  • Worked directly with clients during onboarding periods to edit and approve copy sequences. Identified new value propositions, target personas, and positioning to best generate interest for client products and services.

  • Took on additional Client Growth Manager responsibilities including creating contact lists, maintaining client relationships after launch, and adjusting strategies for multiple ongoing campaigns based on analytics and client feedback. Trained and advised the growth manager team on best practices for copy to ensure quality was maintained.

Sep. 2016 - Jun. 2018


  • Developed resume packages, executive portfolios, and other key documents for over 700 clients including C-level Board members, entertainment professionals, industrial management, and government employees.

  • Performed two client interviews daily, both in person and over the phone. Developed rapport with clients to understand and gather important details about their career including major accomplishments and daily tasks.

  • Summarized and highlighted information gathered from interviews into no more than two pages. Managed detailed research to develop clear understandings of when and where to use industry-specific acronyms and terminology.

  • Managed daily schedule to meet ongoing deadlines and maintained communication with clients by email and over the phone. Managed executive-level clients with a high level of professionalism, attention, and confidence.

  • coordinator in organizing team events and food delivery for writers and sales staff.

Aug. 2015 - Dec. 2015


  • Oversaw copywriting and copy-editing of marketing materials including landing pages, blog posts, PPC ads, and social media content for a range of client industries including real estate, healthcare, and tech start-ups.

  • Managed scheduling and copy-editing for 2 writers, coordinating daily activities over the phone and by email. Received article drafts and rewrote copy or provided feedback and comments on larger revisions as needed.

  • Collaborated with client SMEs to gather requirements for best positioning of products or services. Compiled and summarized key information to emphasize keywords and features while adjusting to ongoing client feedback.

  • Worked remotely with account executives, marketing managers, and writers located across North America, adapting to time zone considerations while ensuring all work met client deadlines.

Apr. 2015


  • Wrote daily news and topic articles for publication on National Post’s website and print editions. Pitched up to 8 articles daily and performed all research, interviews, article drafting, and edits according to feedback.

  • Successfully secured interviews and quotes from high profile figures including writer Brian K. Vaughan, artist Steve Skroce, Canadian mountaineer Laurie Skreslet, and the elusive Japanese heavy-metal group Babymetal.

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